PA Hire – Hire a Sound System for your wedding or event

Once you have found your perfect wedding venue you might decide you would like background music played during the wedding breakfast or you will need microphones for the wedding speeches. We offer the perfect solution for this with our stunning PA Hire Bose Compact sound systems.

The Music will be the sound track to your wedding

The music through out your wedding day will be the sound track to your wedding and is just as important as any other part of your wedding. We can take control of every part of your wedding music with one of our PA Systems for hire. From the music during your wedding breakfast to the music while you are getting married.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Normally a venue will have a member of staff on a small home stereo system with just a play and stop button and your music will just stop dead as you reach the end of the isle. We can offer you our Bose PA System with one of our trained members of staff to take care of the all music for your wedding ceremony. We will make sure all the tracks you select are played in the correct order and also that each track fades out and does not get cut abruptly or stopped to early.

Your Wedding Breakfast

During your wedding breakfast you can select tracks you would like playing or we can play a selection of love songs, jazz, classical and/or swing to act as the backing to your meal. The music will be played at a low level and can help create an atmosphere during the wedding breakfast. If you would like your own music playing we suggest that you bring an ipod or other mp3 player, to plug into our PA System, and we can play from that or we can do this for you.

Once the wedding breakfast is over and it is time for the speeches we will then provide you with a radio microphone so everyone can hear what is being said.

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